About Us

The Latin word Salvum refers to “Safe and sound, unharmed and well”.

Salvum Wealth Monitoring AG (“Salvum”) has been established by a group of seasoned professionals who have built a solid international reputation with wealthy families and family owned businesses over many years.

At Salvum we are witnessing a rapid increase in the demand for independent investment reporting and monitoring, providing clarifications, understanding and transparency of investment policies, risk exposure, fees and portfolio manager contributions. The demand for our services initially came from wealthy families but Salvum is witnessing increasing demand from independent asset managers, family offices, fiduciary companies and other trusted advisors, who not only value our thorough knowledge and experience, but also the independence of an organization with no conflicting interests.

Salvum is now offering you a variety of investment related services providing unprecedented transparency and “live” assets overviews, eliminating hidden risk and costs exposure plus analyzing and monitoring relative and absolute performances. We however do neither manage nor advise on investments.